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Adult128 Videos

Abby Angel collections

Abby Angel collections Men of the House: I never hold back. Unless I’m about to pull out. Sure, I used to get along with Colt when I married his mother. But when she passed away it started a rocky relationship for us. Then I got married again. That’s when a little brat entered the picture. […]

Adriana Hunter collection

Rock Hard (Seduced By The Rockstar #1) Curvy single Kate Preston is about to come face to face with her worst nightmare when she’s forced to interview her college boyfriend, now world famous rocker, Gage Stevens. Their breakup was a messy one. Kate wanted Gage to ditch the dream of becoming a rockstar for a […]

Alexis Angel collection

Alexis Angel collection 12 Inches: A Secret Baby Dark Romance: I got a footlong. And it tastes so good. You wanna tame Aidan Stone, you’re laboring in vain, darlin’. There’s no way any woman alive can get over my Greek God body, with my 8-pack abs and bedroom eyes. Abby Cleveland thinks she can change […]

Anal Awakening by Kylie Ashcroft

  Anal Awakening by Kylie Ashcroft (Erotic Psychic Sex) Kristin can’t get over her jerk of an ex, so her best friend Stacy takes her to see a psychic to tell her how much better her future will be. Kristin is skeptical, but when she sits down for her reading, she realizes the psychic really […]

Angela Castle: Warriors of Kelon series

Angela Castle: Warriors of Kelon series 1-5. Angela Castle’s 5-Book Box Set – Angela Castle.epub 6. Possessing Providence [Warriors – Angela Castle.epub 7. Embracing Emily (Warriors of Ke – Angela Castle.epub Abducting Alice: For someone who thinks rocks are more interesting than men, geologist Alice is proven how very wrong she is. When a probe […]

Ann Mayburn collection

Ann Mayburn collection Exquisite Trouble: Before I met Smoke I’d never been kissed, really kissed, by a man, let alone a biker sex god bent on taking my virginity and my heart. I got dragged into the deadly world of the Iron Horse MC by my crazy twin sister who is engaged to the club’s […]

Ann Mayburn: For the Love of Evil Series

For the Love of Evil Series Daughter of Lust (For the Love of Evil #1) Princess of Lust (For the Love of Evil #2) Belal, High Prince of Hell and Keeper of the Deadly Sin Sloth, is expanding his power by trafficking opium. He revels in the results, and as sloth begins to overtake the […]

Annabel Joseph collection

Annabel Joseph collection Club Mephisto: Molly is a 24/7 slave dedicated to serving her Master. When her Master’s business calls him away on a weeklong trip, he arranges to leave her in the care of Mephisto, the owner of a thriving local BDSM club. Molly is both excited and scared to be given over to […]

Anne Rainey collection

Anne Rainey collection Touching Lace: Taking friendship to a whole new level Lacey Vaughn is tired of being dumped on by men. It s clear she needs help in the ways of seduction. Over cappuccinos, Lacey shares her worries with pal Nick Stone. Being the good friend that he is, Nick offers to give Lacey […]

Annika Martin: Taken Hostage by Hunky Bank Robbers series

Annika Martin: Taken Hostage by Hunky Bank Robbers series   -The Hostage Bargain (Taken Hostage by Hunky Bank Robbers, #1) -The Wrong Turn (Taken Hostage by Hunky Bank Robbers, #2) -The Deeper Game (Taken Hostage by Hunky Bank Robbers, #3) When small town girl Melinda Prescott is taken hostage by three hot bank robbers, she […]

Aurora Rose Reynolds: Until series

Aurora Rose Reynolds: Until series November is looking forward to getting to know her father and the safety of a small town. After leaving the Big Apple and her bad memories for Tennessee, November starts working for her dad at his strip club doing the books. The one time she’s allowed there during club hours […]